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Creating Space

Creating space. Sounds easy when you have plenty of "space." Am I right?

You see, for most of my 33 years I have been trying to take up as little space as possible. Trying my hardest to operate unseen and unheard, shrinking down so I could move through the world without being noticed. Don't let them see you, don't let them hear you. Get in and get out without being noticed. But as time went on there was that still small voice telling me to "take up space."

I had no idea that a little dream of having a farm stand by the side of the road would lead to all of this space. Space for community, for people of all ages, walks of life, and backgrounds to come together and support one another. Wildberry is teaching me to be seen, to be noticed.

One of my greatest joys is seeing and talking to all of the people I meet through the farm. Whether it be a neighbor, someone visiting friends or family from another state, or a "regular" at the market. There is this common thread that ties us all together, and that is craving a space to be seen, and welcomed as you are.

I hope Wildberry is as much that space for you as it is for me. Where we can laugh through the good times, cry through the hard times. Lean on one another, and show up for one another in this space that is so special. To me, that is community.

So in 2023 we invite you to come take up space at Wildberry. After all, we have plenty of it.

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