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Fall chicks... And ducks!

We are so excited to introduce you to our fall chicks and ducks. This August we ordered 75 new female chicks... and Indian Runner Ducklings!

The chicks will all grow up to be added to our layer hens. We added Leghorns (white egg layers), Welsummers (brown speckled egg layers), and Easter Eggers (blue, green, or any other color egg layers).

A dozen eggs in an egg carton

New to the farm, and new to us, are Indian Runner Ducks!

A duckling with a flower on its head

These guys and gals will be an excellent addition to our garden. They are flightless ducks that walk upright, which earned them the nick-name of "The Penguins of Ducks."

They are excellent foragers, and don't disturb plants like chickens. Their droppings are amazing for a garden, and they are very low maintenance once full grown. Ducks are also not prone of diseases like chickens, and are proficient egg layers.

Welcome to the farm, ducklings!

A special thank you to Megan Evans Photography for the photos!

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