Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101

Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are one of my personal favorite houseplants! While they are slow-growing, they add a beautiful impact to any room.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are very finicky, but if you create their ideal environment, they will thrive! These trees grow naturally in the tropics, so they like a humid environment. It's not wise to place them under an air vent, or near a drafty window. Find a decently sunny, draft-free place (not the dark corner of your living room!), and leave your plant there. Once you place your Fiddle Leaf, DO NOT MOVE IT to a new location.

These finicky plants like to be snug in their pots. Do not put a small Fiddle Leaf in a large pot! They need enough room to grow that they won't become root-bound, but not so much room that they drowning in soil. I have my medium-sized Fiddle Leaf Fig in an 10 inch pot, and my larger-sized one in a 12 inch pot.

When it comes to watering your Fiddle Leaf Fig, you want to soak it well, and make sure the excess water drains out all the way. You can do this a couple different ways:

1. Water your Fiddle Leaf Fig in the shower/bath tub, and let it sit for about 15 minutes to drain completely after watering it.

2. Keep your Fiddle Leaf Fid in an insert inside a well-draining pot. (I like this one) This keeps water from sitting at the bottom, but you don't have to move your plant to water it.

You want to water your Fiddle Leaf Fig when the top two inches (2") of soil is dry. I just stick my finger in the soil every so often and check.

In the summer months, you can let your Fiddle Leaf Fig live outside. They will love the hot humid summers. Just make sure you bring your plant in before the first frost!

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