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Halloween at Wildberry

We got to celebrate Halloween 2020 a night early on the 30th with some members of our local community. We wanted to be able to provide an outdoor option for families to bring their children to the farm for socially distant Trick-or-Treating, and to enjoy a fun photo op and complimentary popcorn, and end the night with a family-friendly Halloween movie. Our hearts were to provide some normalcy to our local families this Halloween season.

Hocus Pocus won our online movie poll, and immediately our minds started spinning with ideas for the fun photo op. We knew right away we wanted to make something from the movie Hocus Pocus! It is a family favorite of ours, and to bring even part of the movie to life would be so much fun for our creative minds.

The photo op, handmade by Matt, turned out even better than I had imagined! Using repurposed materials on the farm and what we had on-hand, which is our favorite way to do things, we were able to re-create the Sanderson Sister's cottage. You can see Sarah's Broom, made from a stick out of the woods on our property, and Indian Grass from our fields, resting above the mantle, which is made from an old beam out of one of the barns on the property. The planked wall, which is repurposed shiplap, is covered in spooky cobwebs, and is flanked by Tobacco Stick fencing! The look was tied together with Winifred's spell book, and The Black Flame Candle.

Once day turned to night, the candles came on, and the cauldron eerily glowed green!

Once our guests arrived, we participated in socially distant Trick-or-Treating. After Trick-or-Treating, we all settled down to watch Hocus Pocus on the projector. Guests enjoyed complimentary popcorn, and we also had our Hot Mulled Cider, Limited Edition Witch's Brew Mugs, and Pumpkin Bread for sale.

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate Halloween at Wildberry with us! We look forward to making this a yearly tradition. Happy Halloween!

-Bridget + Matt

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