Indoor House Plant Care 101

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

From Succulents to Fiddle Leaf Figs, Air Plants to Pothos... house plants are all the rage right now! And we don't see this trend going away any time soon.

A lot of our followers on social media have reached out to us about our indoor plant care tips and tricks. Here are some of the tried and true ways we care for our plant friends indoors at Wildberry!

Read about your plant!! Usually there is a little care insert card that comes with your plant, but if you want more information, there are a ton of articles and resources online. Does your plant like a lot of light, or a little? Does it need watering often, or does it prefer long periods between watering? The more you know about your plant, the better you can care for it.

When it comes to watering, look up what a good rule of thumb is for watering your specific plant and add the schedule to your calendar! For example, if you know your Aloe plant should be watered every 2-3 weeks, add this schedule to your phone calendar with a reminder set so you don't forget! Soon it will become habit, and your plant will be loving life.

Make sure your plants are in a very well-draining pot or container. We all love those sleek and modern containers, but a lot of them don't have drainage holes. One way I combat this with bigger plants is potting the plant in a plastic insert that fits inside of a stylish container. Another option for a container that doesn't have drainage holes is you can add an inch or two of gravel to the bottom of your container, and then your soil, to create a drainage area for extra water to seep into. It is best to have a pot or container with drainage holes, so aim for that.

While under watering can be a problem, so can overwatering. Never let your plants sit in water! If you happen to over-water use a paper towel to soak up the excess water, or carefully pour the excess water out. If your plant sits in water, this can lead to root rot.

Here is a great chart from House Beautiful's website:

Be sure to check out the whole article that goes along with this chart, as it gives some notes on each plant listed on the chart. This is a great resource and a good starting off point for basic plant care.

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