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The New Rainbow Flock

Back in August, our family woke up to a devastating site. In the early morning hours, a predator had forced its way into our run and all 31 on of our beloved chickens were killed.

We were absolutely devastated. These chickens were an integral part of not only our farming operations, but also our family. Our children loved them as pets, and we enjoyed so many special times with those sweet babies that we will never forget!

We were able to adopt a flock of 16 laying hens from Baltimore City, which we lovingly refer to as our "City Chickens" to help us get through the season, and shortly after that launched our "Support a Chick" Program. With a $50 donation, our community had the option to support a new chick for the first year of their life. Perks of the program include a voucher for a free dozen eggs, the option to name the chick being supported, and monthly email updates for the first year of the chicks' lives.

An ad for supporting a chick through Wildberry Farm + Market. Image shows a woman with outstretched arms around baby chicks.
Support a Chick Program

The response from our community was overwhelming and we were able to order 28 fall chicks to rebuild our rainbow flock!

Breeds include:

  • Welsummers

  • French Copper Marans

  • Super Blue Eggers

  • White Leghorns

  • Easter Eggers

  • Green Queens

  • Olive Eggers

We are so happy to welcome these new babies to our farm!

Three different breeds of baby chicks standing on a rustic wood bench in front of a basket of eggs.
New Baby Chicks

A special thank you to Megan Evans Photography for coming out to the farm to capture the new babies!

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