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Must Love Dogs

Back in 2020 when the Field Market was still just the Vendor Market and it was morphing into a thing of its own, one of the number one questions we received prior to any market date was "Are dogs allowed?" Being dog owners ourselves, we didn't see why not, and our answer was always, "YES!"

What we didn't know was that we would start to develop a reputation for being one of the few markets in our area that allows dogs, and dogs owners from all over AACO, and the surrounding areas, would bring their dogs to the Vendor Markets in 2020, and now the Field Markets in 2021, to socialize and spend a morning hanging out on the farm.

We met so many doggos between 2020 and now, and even started to form bonds and relationships with our furry friends and their owners. That got us thinking, our puppy friends, and those who love them, needed their own Wildberry Merch!

We teamed up with Jami Creates and together, between her design skills and our vision, came up with our fall "Must Love Dogs" line.

Between the adorable Doggie Bandanas, and our matching "Must Love Dogs" long sleeve t-shirts, our Wildberry Pups and their owners can be ready for a morning of shopping small on the farm!

You can find our "Must Love Dogs" line at the Field Market, running the 2nd + 4th Saturday of the month thru November. You can also find a limited amount on our website.

Man and woman with three dogs sitting on and around a vintage pick-up truck full of hay bales pumpkins and gourds
Must Love Dogs

A special thank you to Jami Creates, Megan Evans Photography, Sweet Annie's Flower Truck, and Vaughan Fountain!

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