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Matt Leads a Double Life...

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The post this week sounds super dramatic by judging from the title, doesn't it? But it's not what you think...

Most of you may not know this, but Matt actually has a career outside of the farm! Shocking, I know! A little back-story... Back in the mid-90s, Matt graduated high school and thought he wanted to be a graphic designer. He went to college, started a job at Kinkos, and was working toward his goal by taking classes and working a position at Kinkos that would pave the way for his graphic design career. Then, one day he realized he didn't want to sit behind a desk all day. You see, Matt grew up in a farming family. He is used to being outside, working with his hands, and being active. This desk job life just wasn't fulfilling him like he thought it would, and so, he made a change.

He started working for a company in Annapolis building catamarans, quickly worked his way up the production line, and eventually became a production manager. This is around the time we met, back in the beginning of 2010. That company eventually closed, and Matt started working for another company in the Annapolis Marine Industry as their Restoration Team Lead. Fast forward to 2014, and we are about to have our second baby. Matt decided to branch out and form his own company. He owned his business for about 5 years, and they recently had the opportunity to merge with a larger company. Matt now heads up the Restoration Team, which is a team of 5 other people. He basically does everything under the sun, and can make you anything you dream up for your boat!

This past week I got to see Matt speak to 400 Anne Arundel County high school students at Maryland Hall about his career in the marine industry. We are so proud of Matt, he wears many hats from husband, to dad, to manager, to farm care-taker. He fixes tractors, does custom fabrication on yachts, kisses booboos and reads bedtimes stories, and cooks me dinner every Saturday night. There isn't a moment in time where he is just sitting around, he is always on the go! So, yeah, he leads a double life, and one that I am so proud to share with you all. :)

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