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Meet Hyacinth & Daffodil

One of our long-time dreams for the farm has been to start a dairy goat herd, and that dream became even more real after visiting and volunteering on my friend Kim's goat farm over the last two years.

Kim is the farmer behind Gray Goat Soaps where she makes small batch cold processed goat milk soaps and shampoos. All of the goats at Gray Goat Soaps are fed non-GMO grain, and supplemented with as many natural and holistic supplements as possible. I have learned so much from Kim, and when we were ready to add goats to the farm this year, we asked her to set aside two unrelated baby girl goats for us! The breed of goat Kim breeds is called "Kinder" goats, and they are a dual-purpose dairy and meat goat.

Hyacinth (black with gray ears) was born about two months before Daffodil (tan), and we were finally able to bring them both home to the farm in early June! They were both raised by their mama goats ("dam raised"), so they are taking their sweet time warming up to us.

Matt made their goat shed so it is portable. We can move it anywhere on the farm, and can rotate our girls, and eventually our dairy goat herd, throughout the farm so they can have the freshest grass and brush to munch on.

They love to snuggle up together in their little goat shed, and we often times find them laying together out in the grass, or on their bench. We plan to add some fun things for them to jump up on and climb around on soon!

We are so excited to start this journey with dairy goats! A huge thank you to Kim from Gray Goat Soaps for all of your guidance and sharing your immense knowledge with us.

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