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Meet the New Chicks!

We started off February by getting 8 new spring chicks to add to our flock!

These sweet babies will grow up to add new colors to our rainbow eggs! We also had help from our Instagram community with names for these new sweet souls.

Peggy and Cookie are our new Welsummers, they will lay a brown speckled egg.

Waffle and Josie are our new Golden Cuckoo Marans, they will lay a dark brown egg.

Cleo and Daphne are our new Black Copper Marans, they will lay a deep, dark brown egg (chocolate color).

And Sunny and Snow are our new Austra Whites (a cross between a Black Australorp rooster and a White Leghorn hen). They will lay a cream colored egg.

Thanks to all of our Instagram community for helping us name these new babies, and thanks to My Pet Chicken for an awesome hatch-day delivery experience!

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